The Athlos

The school compels all the children to participate both in Athlos and La-fiestato unfold naturally their inborn and inherent abilities. Keeping this in mind,

The whole school is divided into four houses namely, Emerald,Ruby,Sapphire, and Topaz. The children from different houses compete in Athlos (Sports and Games) and La-fiesta (Arts). Athlos is conducted in Dhaid Club which is only 0.5 km away from Al Sabah Indian Private School.

The children compete in running races (100, 200, 400, 100 and 200 mts relay) long jump, high jump and games like football, volleyball, shuttle badminton, passing ball and cricket.

We have made Athlos an inevitable part of our school programmes

La Fiesta

As our school aims at the overall development of the children, La-fiesta has become an important part of their both studies and lives. La Fiesta was conducted on last week of May. La Fiesta served as a perfect platform for the children to show case their wonderful talents.Children to show case their wonderful talents.Few exceptional performances left us wonder struck.

Interhouse Competitions

The four houses, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz and Sapphire accommodates equal number of talented children with a view to competing in various programmes both in ATHLOS and LA-FIESTA. Apart from these, these four houses compete in other programmes like making a model culture of UAE in connection with UAE National Day Celebration. Assembly performance among the houses is a good competition in which each house tries to convey innovative ideas and thoughts through mime, skit and other programmes.

Inter-Class Competition

The classes from 1-VIII compete each other in various activities like maintaining the class room neat and tidy (cleanliness Day), decoring the classes on National Day, Assembly performance, Quiz competition at equal levels, Craft works and also in scoring the highest marks in different class assessments. Overall discipline also will be checked by the authorities.

Adabi Week

To encourage students explore the realm of Literature and to instill a love for the English Language, we celebrated the Literary Week.

Earth Day

Earth day was celebrated in Al Sabah to create awareness in young minds. The main theme of celebration was REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE.


We had embarked on a mission to keep our Campus green. T he Green team worked hard to accomplish our mission. Now we are reaping the fruits of our hard work.


Students of al sabah eagerly exercised their democratic right in choosing their leaders


On 26/04/2017 and 27/04/2017 young leaders of Al Sabah were bestowed with the responsibility of leading our School with their Commitment, Confidence and Competence.

Head Boy – Muhammed Ansin Faisal
Head Girl – Fathima Shafna Abdul Latheef

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