The Athlos

Athlos is Al Sabah Indian Private School’s much awaited sports competition. Held annually, students compete in running races (100, 200, 400, 100 and 200 mts relay) long jump, high jump and sports like football, volleyball, shuttle badminton, and cricket. Athlos is held in the nearby Dhaid Club and brings together the whole school for a week of fun filled sporting competition.


Held in the last week of May, La Fiesta is the cultural event at Al Sabah Indian Private School. Students showcase their vibrant talents from dancing to singing, egged on by their classmates and teachers. La Fiesta has become an indispensable part of student life and is reflective of the creative culture that we have created here


The students body is divided into four houses- Emerald, Ruby, Topaz and Sapphire. They compete in various programmes including Athlos and La Fiesta. Apart from these, the house also participates in competitions during UAE National Day and assemblies. The school tries to cultivate a healthy, competitive environment that teaches students incomparable life skills like teamwork and collaboration.


The literary week at Al Sabah Indian Private School, encourages students to explore the great depths of literature and instills a love for the English language through various activities.


With an aim to raise awareness about the importance of conservation, Earth Day is celebrated to teach young children how they can play their part in saving the environment. Additionally, through our mission to make the campus green, students flaunted their green thumbs by maintaining a garden.


Every year students eagerly await the chance to exercise their democratic right in choosing their leaders. The Prefectorial Board is selected through an election process after undergoing a stringent selection process. The Board led by the Head Girl and Head Boy are bestowed the responsibility of leading our school with commitment, confidence, and competence.

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