Admission open

Admission open for 2023- 24, Grade 11. A few Science and Commerce group seats are available . Apply with your Grade 10 Term- I exam and Model Exam report cards. You will also be required to submit your Grade 9 , Term – II report card.

Expert teachers

Our teachers provide only the best learning experiences for your children.

Quality Education

Extensive educational resources are utilised for a wholesome environment

Life Time Support

Experienced staff are here to guide you throughout your journey

Global Citizenship

Our progressive perspective nurtures students to have a universal outlook on life

About Al Sabah school

Founded in 2003, Al Sabah Indian Private School has been making leaps in the field of education. We pride ourselves in providing only the highest standard of teaching and extending endless learning opportunities for our students.

Our innovative practices inside and outside the classroom encourage students to be knowledge seekers and visionaries. We ensure that our students maintain a global outlook on life while also appreciating and engaging in the rich culture of the United Arab Emirates.

At Al Sabah Indian Private School we believe that a supportive and nourishing environment goes a long way for children. Our well equipped staff are steadfast in their pursuit in providing the best that your child can get.


We love to read and want to share

Our school library is furnished with more than 5000 books in various categories suitable for different age groups.

Well equipped classrooms facilitate great learning

Vibrant and stimulating classroom design ensures maximum learning.

Hands on learning that builds scientific vigour

Our extensive laboratory facilities allow our young learners to be budding scientists

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Located on a spacious campus about 1 Km away from the town of Dhaid Sharjah, United Arab Emirates