General Rules & Regulations

Compulsory withdrawal

All students are strictly to abide by the Rules and regulations of the school. The Principal can ask a parent to withdraw his ward from the school if he considers the students conduct, behavior and influence to be in any way detrimental to the interest of the school.

Rules of the school

01. Students are not allowed to take leave for more than fourteen continuous working days.
02.The name of the student will be removed from the school register without any prior notice or communication, those who are absent for more than fourteen continuous working days.
03. The school transportation for the students will be available only on yearly basis.
04. The school fee and transportation fee should be remitted in the first week of April, September and January in advance of three equal installments.
05. Damages done to buildings, furniture, library books, laboratories, sports goods etc will be viewed seriously. Such losses should be paid for at the discretion of the Principal.
06. Any student found to have taken other students belongings will face suspension.
07. Any student caught copying in any examination or engaging in malpractices will be suspended from the school.
08. Students are forbidden to contact outsiders during the school hours without the permission of the Principal.
09. Every student should take part in the school games unless physically unfit and specially exempted by the Principal.
10. Books, magazines, and periodicals not approved by the Principal are strictly prohibited in the school.
11. Students are advised not to keep any money, gold ornaments or electronic goods like walkman, transistor, camera, computer, mobile phone etc. in the school.
12. Girls are strictly forbidden to use valuable gold ornaments except small ear rings.
13. Regular late coming, frequent absence, negligence in wearing uniforms, carelessness in studies will be viewed seriously.
14. Students are not allowed to give gifts to the teachers except on the Teachers Day as directed by the principal.
15. Students will not be permitted to leave the class rooms during the working hours on excuse like drinking water etc.
16. Every student should bring school diary  daily to school. 

At Library

01. Silence should always be maintained.
02. Students should enter the library only in school uniform.
03. Reference books and periodicals can be referred only at the library.
04. Students should not socialize or disrupt the normal operation of the library. 

While Travelling In the School Bus

01.Students on bus should obey the instruction and guidance of the bus driver / Conductor.
02.No part of the student’s body (arms , head etc ) should be held out of the window at any time.
03.No object is allowed to be thrown outside the window or inside  the bus.
04.Students are not permitted to move from seat to seat While the bus is in motion. 

Special Social Functions

While attending social functions, students should observe the following rules:

01. They should report at the venue in the class –wise order. Students should not break line and should remain in the place where they are seated.
02. They should remain sitting throughout the function. Putting down the head , drowsing, sleeping etc. are not allowed.
03. Talking in  loud voice or making indecent noise of any kind is not allowed.
04. Maintaining silence and following the programme is the expected discipline among students.
05. Reporting and departing the assembly should be orderly done by following the instructions of the teacher- in- charge. 


Parents should make arrangements for refreshments during recess time. No student is allowed to play during recess time.

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