Our Lab

Well equipped labs with modern facilities provide lots of opportunities to students. The Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs are spacious enough to accommodate enough children at a time. The three labs give maximum opportunity for the students to put in their ideas. They can answer various questions aided by these labs.

The Biology lab has ample preserved organisms for the students to know about the whole animal kingdom.

Our Library

As books are the store house of knowledge, our vision is to  make the children magnify their knowledge in various areas and also to cultivate good reading habits.

Our school library is furnished with more than 5000 books in various categories suitable for different age groups. Reading inside the library makes you feel a calm and serene atmosphere. The school library is very spacious and can accommodate more than 100 children at a time. You can surely multiply your knowledge in our library. A fully qualified and able librarian is in charge to guide the children in a proper way.

Our Canteen

The school canteen which is annexed to our school buildings, provides healthy and fresh food in hygienic conditions. All the food items we give to our students are approved by Ministry of Health. The food items inside our canteen and kept in hygienic away. So as to ensure maximum quality to the students. The canteen provides snacks, variety of juice, sandwiches, fresh water, fresh milk and good healthy and qualitative chips approved by the Ministry of Health, United Arab Emirates.

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Located on a spacious campus about 1 Km away from the town of Dhaid Sharjah, United Arab Emirates